Developing a New Advertising Platform in Malaysia


‘Truck it’ is a conventional digital age platform that utilizes developing technology to both realize and capitalize on untapped prospects in the traditional advertising medium. It embraces the digital world, with a focus on creating and powering a new profitable advertising platform. This platform aims to provide an alternative advertising edge to major corporations, besides providing an affordable advertising service to SMEs, with the main focus leaning towards empowering small-business owners. ‘Truck it’ is developing a novel advertising platform to enhance its advertising edge in Malaysia.

‘Truck it’ as a concept was coined in the midst of an idea-analysis session between business owners seeking alternative means to expand their public reach through the creation of something new, rather than challenging existing advertising platforms. This infant idea rapidly took form with the collaborative engagement and support of leaders in their own industry mainly: Milax – a brand centric firm, Pixio – an advertising print support giant, and Illyria Geotechnologies (IGT) – a leading innovative GPS Company.

‘Truck it’ equates to over a thousand trucks, plying a thousand routes, and is poised to steadily grow towards doubling its advertising capacity within a year. Principal focus is on enabling equal advertising and price-structuring across the board. The platform also incorporates the value of customized routes, where after the usual Monday’s to Friday’s and the off-days, truckers can cater to special requests from various clients advertising on their tracks. For example, truckers on customized routes can implement the ‘House Call’ – where the advertising platform takes it further than the traditional methodology. It caters to the needs of various clients and advertisers by taking advantage of various opportunities for increased publicity such as: event drive-bys, on location appearance and even photoshoots.

‘Truck it’ will be emphasizing on addressing the issue of Transparency. How it works: ‘The platform encourages and engages various truck owners to provide trucks; routes used and truck measurements. Next is matching advertisers and potential clients with the trucks and choice of routes, where relevant ads are installed. Advertisers are subsequently billed by the mileage, with transparency enhanced through use of GPS tracking, giving client an option of tracking and checking on their ad movements with an app, carrying a bold tag line of; ‘We don’t move, You don’t pay’.

‘Truck it’ is motivated to helm this new GPS-anchored pay-per-km concept for moving advertisements to strengthen the trust between clients, truckers and us platform managers to in turn further expand this untapped potential of a new medium and means of publicity.

Other key incentives that benefits both truckers and clients includes the presence of subsidized GPS charges, weekly wash for listed trucks, expanded driver incentives and extra earnings to truck owners for the extra mileage covered.

With time, as market expansion becomes a necessity, ‘Truck it’ intends to introduce Preferred routes – on heavy traffic areas; increasing the general profitability of the truck owners benefiting from the extra earnings of advertisement exposure to a larger public sector. Magnetic Advertising Surface is also set to follow suit within the next quarter slashing installation time by 90% to enable instant advert change and time sensitive promo on trucks nationwide.

Why Truck it? Because this platform recognizes and successfully capitalizes on the presence of untapped potential in the traditional advertising medium. ‘Truck it’ simply provides an edge to clients by furthering potential brand exposure to the niche and masses. It is gradually a realization of the vital importance of the collaborative input and coordination between modern advertising requirements and the traditional truckers. The focus is on bridging the traditional coordination gap, through a fusion with technology.

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