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Astro and Maxis Raise RM5m for Sulawesi Tsunami Victims


In response to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad’s call to ASEAN countries to help Indonesia as it begins the task of restoration following the cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi, leading Malaysian companies, Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Astro) and Maxis Berhad (Maxis) kickstarted a campaign to help raise funds to Tabung Bencana Gempa Bumi & Tsunami Sulawesi. In this respect Astro, a media company and Maxis, a telecommunications company, will make a joint contribution of RM5 million, or approximately 18 billion rupiah, to the Tabung.

Astro and Maxis contribute to Tabung Bencana Gempa Bumi & Tsunami Sulawesi to rebuild schools and communities. Tun Zaki Azmi, Chairman of Astro, and Raja Tan Sri Arshad Raja Tun Uda, Chairman of Maxis, presenting the RM5 million contribution to YAB Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The joint contribution from Astro and Maxis is intended to aid in the restoration of Sulawesi, in particular rebuilding schools and communities. Both Astro and Maxis have always upheld the belief that education plays a vital role in the sustainable economic growth and development of communities.

In addition, Astro will also utilise airtime from TV, radio and digital and its talent for a campaign to raise awareness and to encourage Malaysians to assist in Sulawesi’s plight. Astro will continue to provide comprehensive news coverage of the ongoing rescue and rebuilding efforts via Astro Awaninews channel.

Meanwhile, members of the public who are interested to donate to the fund can visit or for more information on Tabung Bencana Gempa Bumi & Tsunami Sulawesi.

The RM5 million contribution was presented by Tun Zaki Azmi, Chairman of Astro, and Raja Tan Sri Arshad Raja Tun Uda, Chairman of Maxis, to YAB Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad and Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato’ Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is also the minister in charge of the fund. Also present at the event were YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, YB Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, MalaysiaHenry Tan, CEO Designate of Astro and Robert Nason, CEO Interim of Maxis.

Tun Dr Mahathir said, “The damage done was great. We would encourage donation to the region. I thank you (Maxis and Astro) for the contribution towards the Tabung Bencana Gempa Bumi & Tsunami Sulawesi.”

Tun Zaki said, “It is heart-wrenching what the people of Palu are going through as a result of the tragedy that struck Sulawesi last week. As neighbours in the ASEAN region, we strongly believe it is our responsibility to reach out with a helping hand. This is the spirit of ASEAN. Our contribution will go towards rebuilding schools and communities in Palu, as we believe many schools have been either damaged or destroyed. Our thoughts are with the victims and volunteers who are working tirelessly.”

“We are saddened by the tragedy that has struck Palu and the devastation that has impacted its people. It’s also important that people are able to stay connected especially across borders. So, we encourage our Hotlink RED customers to connect with their loved ones by taking advantage of the free calls to Indonesia that is currently available to them. We are pleased to be joining Astro in making this humble contribution, which we certainly hope will help the country’s efforts in easing the burden of those affected during this difficult time,” said Raja Tan Sri Arshad.

Aside from their contributions to Sulawesi’s plight, both Astro and Maxis maintain a continued commitment to local humanitarian aid and bettering children’s education in rural Malaysia via their individual on-going Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

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