Malaysia excels globally as a reputable, reliable and highly capable provider in the area of construction and professional related services.

Construction & Professional Related Services


Malaysia is today highly regarded globally as a reputable, reliable and highly capable provider in the area of construction and the various related professional services. These include civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management and surveying, architecture, facilities management as well as interior and landscape design. Many of these Malaysian companies have built up individually outstanding reputations and track records for successful on-time deliveries with quality, durability and creative designs being the hallmarks of their work.

The ability to provide construction excellence in terms of skills and technology comparable to that of developed nations but at more competitive rates accounts for Malaysia’s presence in over 90 global markets such as India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, China, the African nations, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Libya, Sudan and other parts of the world.

Among the many prestigious projects completed by Malaysian companies abroad include highways, underground dual-purpose tunnels, bridges, telecommunication, mass rapid transport systems, intelligent and eco-friendly green buildings, leisure and luxury residences, resorts & commercial housings, steel structures, ports, airports, dams, water supply including water treatment systems, drainage, irrigation, electro and hydro power plants and much more. This broad portfolio has as such seen the over 100 Malaysian companies active in overseas projects much sought after for their excellence in key areas of architecture, engineering design, project management, consultancy and landscaping services.

Malaysian construction companies are currently able to offer even more effective and cost competitive bids with the adoption of the Industrialised Building System (IBS) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. This allows for even greater time and cost savings while improving the quality of the finished product.

Malaysia has also taken up the green agenda with great enthusiasm, recognising that this will be the construction process of the future. This has resulted in its construction and professional services companies being able to effectively plan for better, more sustainable futures in their implementation of a variety of projects throughout the world.

With the tagline, “Choose Malaysia”, Malaysian construction companies are today looking to blazing new frontiers and working with even more potential partners from all over the world. Malaysian companies are committed to fulfilling a win-win partnership with clients and these specialists will help you design, build and set new benchmarks while ensuring success with your project construction and development needs.

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