Sugarbun continues to delight East – and West – Malaysians with wholesome, authentic food


Beyond East Malaysia, Sugarbun has also been delighting West Malaysians from all walks of life. Its flagship outlet in Menara Hap Seng, Kuala Lumpur continues to be popular place for office workers seeking to fulfil themselves with “a taste of Borneo” especially during lunch times.

Over at Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, cinema-goers especially have been tucking into Sugarbun’s famed Mackerel and Tilapia, Sabah’s Giant Garoupa, and Sarawak’s famous, Sarawak Laksa and three-layer tea. In addition, Borneo Asian Food by SugarBun also retains its classic menu of fish burgers, savory rice and, since 1979, Sugarbun’s hugely popular broasted chicken dishes.

Borneo Asian Food by SugarBun opened an outlet at Melawati Mall in 2016.

Over in Pahang, its outlet in Gambang, Kuantan is also extremely popular with people living in the East Coast of Malaysia.


“Food being an essential part of human existence and activity will continue to be consumed irrespective of economic conditions and we are well prepared in adjusting itself to changing situations and circumstances,” said Borneo Oil Berhad executive director Raymond Teo who oversees Sugarbun operations.

“Broasted by SugarBun” offers fresh products prepared on the spot, with affordable pricing.

Broasted Chook

SugarBun currently has 92 franchised restaurants, the majority of them in cities and secondary towns in Sarawak. There are SugarBun outlets in Brunei, Bangladesh and Australia.

Meanwhile, there are also currently 47 Pezzo outlets in Malaysia under Borneo Oil, most of them located in Sarawak and Sabah.

Teo said that the company would continue to innovate and introduce new products to attract existing and new customers.

“Our group’s philosophy is to sell wholesome, authentic, less processed at affordable pricing; in other words, real food and drinks,” he added.

Eco Fish meal

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