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Sovereign Cloud Gives Local Business More Control


AVM Cloud Sdn Bhd (AVM Cloud), a leading cloud service provider in Malaysia, has identified sovereign cloud as a new pillar of growth. Sovereign cloud refers to cloud services that are operated by domestic providers and are subject to local regulations, ensuring data sovereignty and security.

Its CEO David Chan said that AVM Cloud’s sovereign cloud solutions are built on top of its existing cloud infrastructure, which is already trusted by many businesses in Malaysia.

“By offering sovereign cloud services, AVM Cloud provides customers with peace-of-mind knowing that their data is being stored and processed locally, subject to local regulations,” he said in a press release.

“As businesses increasingly rely on cloud services, the importance of sovereign cloud is growing. Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, and ensuring its security and sovereignty is essential.”

AVM Cloud’s decision to offer sovereign cloud services is a smart move in response to the growing demand for secure and locally operated cloud services.

“Our sovereign cloud solutions are architected and built to deliver security and data access that meet strict requirements of regulated industries and local jurisdiction laws on data privacy, access and control,” said David.

“In addition, by leveraging the strength of our existing infrastructure and the Time dotCom Berhad (TIME) Group’s fibre optic network, we are well-positioned to capture a larger share of the Malaysian cloud services market and drive growth for years to come.”

AVM Cloud is a subsidiary of TIME dotCom Berhad (TIME) and serves as the latter’s ‘Central’ cloud player, with TIME providing the necessary connectivity throughout Malaysia and across Southeast Asia.

This fibre optic network provides AVM Cloud with the necessary backbone to deliver fast and reliable cloud services to customers across Malaysia. Additionally, being part of a larger group allows AVM Cloud to benefit from economies of scale, which can be passed on to customers in the form of cost-effective cloud solutions.

Data privacy not the only reason to bring data back to Malaysian shores

“Data privacy is not the only driver for bringing data back home,” said David, adding that evolving data privacy, compliance, and security requirements are the key factors necessitating sovereign cloud solutions.

“By harnessing the agility and cost-effectiveness of cloud solutions, organizations can meet these challenges while ensuring compliance with privacy laws, mitigating cyber threats, and retaining control over critical data.

“The need for sovereign cloud has been further underscored by growing geopolitical friction, including trade disputes, nationalism, political uncertainty, Brexit, and concerns over the influence of Big Tech. The sensitivity of data being subject to foreign authorities, such as law enforcement and security agencies, raises concerns about data privacy and security.”

Additionally, the reliance on other countries or companies for critical supply chain and data capabilities has been exposed by disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Establishing a sovereign cloud framework addresses these challenges by prioritising data sovereignty and reducing dependence on external entities,” emphasised David.

Moreover, sovereign cloud plays a significant role in fuelling economic growth and innovation by developing national capabilities for digital sovereignty and the data economy.

“It tackles the slow adoption of cloud and digital technology in certain countries while unlocking value and innovation through the aggregation of national data sets. By investing in skilled professionals and fostering secure data sharing, sovereign cloud empowers countries to compete globally, drive economic growth, and lead in the data-driven economy.”

AVM Cloud is also a VMware Sovereign Cloud provider today.

“Like any natural resource, governments and citizens will want to ensure that data is responsibly stewarded – from processing to storage and utilization for insights and improvements – especially those managed by businesses in highly regulated industries. By working with VMware, our partners and customers can better ensure any data is protected, compliant and resident within each market, without losing the agility and flexibility multi-cloud can and should provide for enterprises,” said Sarene Lee, Country Manager, Malaysia, VMware.

VMware’s approach to sovereign cloud encourages businesses to:

  • Define and Establish Secure Data Domains: Maintain data under sovereign control and jurisdiction, mitigating the risk of forced data access by foreign authorities.
  • Increase Mobility: Facilitate data sharing and migration with effortless portability and interoperability, empowering businesses to deploy and move data freely.
  • Boost Security: Safeguarding applications and data against emerging attack vectors with advanced security measures.
  • Future-Proof Your Infrastructure: Rapidly responding to shifting data privacy regulations, security threats, and geopolitics. Avoid cloud vendor lock-in through workload, application, and data portability.
  • Improve Compliance: Ability to achieve and maintain compliance with privacy regulations faster and more efficiently, and
  • Fuel Innovation: By building national digital resilience for the data economy and fostering a vast pool of useful data to truly unlock economic growth.

“By working with local partners like AVM Cloud, organisations gain the ability to control their data securely and compliantly in the multi-cloud era we are in today. This enables them to adapt to changing data privacy requirements without impacting continuous innovation and improvements,” said Sarene.

David concurred, saying that through his company’s partnership with VMware, AVM Cloud’s meticulously designed and fortified sovereign cloud solutions ensure uncompromising data access and security, seamlessly aligning with the rigorous requirements of regulated industries and local jurisdiction laws governing data privacy, access and control.

“Our comprehensive sovereign cloud solutions not only address data privacy concerns but also fuel economic growth, fosters innovation, and ensures national digital sovereignty. By embracing our sovereign cloud solutions, our customers are empowered to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence and seize the opportunities presented by the digital age,” concluded David.

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