Some local organizations to gain free Cybersecurity services from LGMS


Malaysian cybersecurity company LGMS is extending complimentary services for the local healthcare industry, together with charity organisations involved in battling the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the movement control order (MCO) period until October 2020.

In a statement, LGMS group managing director Fong Choong-Fook said: “Cybersecurity is our field of expertise, and, being the largest cybersecurity testing and assessment service provider in Malaysia, we would like to contribute appropriately during the MCO.”

“We deeply appreciate the efforts made by the health ministry, hospitals, various charity organisations and, particularly, the frontliners in the battle against COVID-19,” he added.

This development by LGMS follows in the wake of CyberSecurity Malaysia having noted a 82.5% surge in the number of reported cybersecurity incidents as recorded by the agency’s emergency response centre in the 3 weeks from 18 March 2020 as compared to the same period in the previous year.  

LGMS has also observed a “huge spike” in random cyber attacks on businesses since the start of the MCO, shared Fong.

“This MCO has essentially accelerated digital adoption among businesses, some of which may not have had the time to adequately protect themselves from cyberattacks,” said Fong.

“It is increasingly important for organisations to ensure adequate cybersecurity protection due to the new digital reality in the way interaction and commerce is handled,” he added.

Under this initiative, LGMS would be extending its cybersecurity services to government agencies involved in fighting COVID-19, together with hospitals and other related healthcare organisations, covering both public and private sectors. This offer is also extended to charity organisations involved in helping the public related to COVID-19.

Complimentary services offered include cybersecurity vulnerability assessment, whereby LGMS would test for vulnerabilities within organisations’ digital assets and infrastructures, before embarking to ensure that all “back doors are tightened” to keep hackers at bay.

In the event that these organisations become victims of cyber attacks, LGMS would then provide the necessary skills, experience and knowledge needed during such times of crisis.

“Organisations affected by breaches need to manage their response, investigate and understand the root causes behind an incidents while putting the appropriate remediation plans in place,” said Fong.

“When a breach of an IT system occurs, the response must be immediate, thorough and decisive,” he added. “Our digital crime and forensic experts are on standby during such emergencies and prepared to help organisations recover from cyber attacks.”

LGMS’ clientele include most banks and financial institutions operating in Malaysia, together with household names from other industries such as Axiata, VADS and the Sunway Group.

For more information about LGMS’ complimentary services offer during the MCO, please click here. ( )

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