Sharifah Nur Izma (Skymind)
Sharifah said that the Skymind currently has 300 job openings for local graduates, ranging from roles such as coders, developers and software engineers.

Skymind Holdings Berhad seeking graduates to build ‘Dream AI Team’


Skymind Holdings Berhad (Skymind) is actively looking for tech graduates to build its ‘Dream Artificial Intelligence (AI) Team’.

Its vice president (talent development) Sharifah Nur Izma said in a statement that Skymind currently has 300 job openings for local graduates, ranging from roles such as coders, developers and software engineers.

Skymind has a global presence operating out of several countries, especially in Europe and Asia, and counts former Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) CEO Datuk Yasmin Mahmood as one of its strategic advisors.

Skymind is known as the world’s first dedicated AI ecosystem builder, with a USD800 million fund to fuel AI innovation throughout the world.

Citing a recent Boston Consulting Group Decoding Digital Talent report, which suggests Malaysia’s diversity bodes well as an ideal destination for digital talent, Sharifah pointed out: “Malaysia’s homegrown talent has all the advantages of wide cultural links, English proficiency, creativity, and a growing interest in digital skills. When coupled with a passion for problem solving, there are no limits to future possibilities in our AI future.”

“The AI industry is fast growing and, from our estimates, set to touch USD2.9 trillion globally by 2021, and USD15 trillion by 2030,” she added.

Sharifah explained that AI fundamentals remain uniform regardless of industry sector: “AI is set to become mainstream in the years ahead.”

For example, one of Skymind’s local clients is a local insurance group which is innovating on AI technologies to expedite productivity while improving accuracy of its insurance policy packages.

“AI has emerged as the strategic enabler for organisations to innovate on their own AI applications,” said Sharifah.

“In the near future, it would become mainstream for man and machine to co-exist side-by-side within organisations.”

Recently, Skymind was also actively involved in Malaysia’s battle against the Covid-19 pandemic by delivering the Axial AI-based system to Tunku Azizah Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

“The Axial AI system was designed to be used by the people who work with patient’s data and have the contextual understanding, including doctors and clinicians,” said Sharifah.

“This system gave them the ability to bring all the relevant patients’ information together, curate the data and use the power of AI to support precision diagnosis, early intervention and greater medical efficiency,” she added.

Sharifah concluded by saying that, for tech students interested in pursuing AI, there is a steep learning curve ahead.

“They would need to quickly come to grips with many different projects the Skymind Group is working on. That said, if you are up to the challenge, we would love to hear from you,” she said.

For more information about the programme, please visit or email [email protected] .

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