Petronas Improves on Structure Health Monitoring


PETRONAS announced a breakthrough invention, Advance Diagnostic and Prognostic Technology (ADaPT), a digital solution that predicts mechanical damage at various facilities to prevent unplanned plant shutdown and revenue loss.

Developed by local talents, the technology is a quantum leap in structure health monitoring and has the potential to be used at facilities beyond the energy sector, including construction, shipping, aeronautics, motorsports and automobiles.

ADaPT replaces manual, conventional inspections by predicting structural and mechanical cracks through continuous online monitoring, offering accurate prediction based on pressure, temperature and flow patterns.

It detects the early signs of mechanical damage allowing prediction of asset’s remaining life expectancy and avoids unplanned shutdown of plants.

ADaPT was launched by PETRONAS Project Delivery & Technology Senior Vice President Samsudin Miskon, accompanied by PETRONAS Project Delivery & Technology Head of Group Technical Solutions (GTS) Khairol Anuar Shukri and PETRONAS Chemicals MTBE Sdn Bhd (PCMTBE) Chief Executive Officer Azlimi M Lazim.

The digital solution is a collaboration involving GTS, PCMTBE and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, which began in January 2018.

Khairol said ADaPT is the result of PETRONAS’ innovation capability underpinned by a passion for technological advancement in its operational culture. “The fruition of ADaPT, with its high performance and accuracy, is another testament to PETRONAS’ commitment as a progressive energy and solutions partner,” he said.

Meanwhile, Azlimi said with ADaPT, PCMTBE has optimised plant efficiency by planning around the predicted remaining life expectancy.

“The digital solution had successfully avoided the unplanned shutdown that could have cost us RM30 million. It had also increased PCMTBE’s production by seven per cent, worth RM63 million, from April 2019 to December 2019,” he added.

PETRONAS welcomes partnerships to deploy ADaPT as the application is not limited to the energy sector.