OneCALL sets to revolutionise mobile pre-paid mobile market on Merdeka eve!


TFP Solutions Berhad is set to revolutionise the pre-paid mobile market with its revolutionary OneCALL sim card. OneCALL will eventually incorporate financial technologies (fintech) through its eWallet capabilities – a key value proposition – while also including unique features such as remittance, virtual ATMs, game PINs, Lifestyle Tools, bill payments together with a B40 entrepreneur programme.

Ahead of Hari Merdeka, OneCALL is also a co-organiser for the 2019 Merdeka Night Countdown together with the Malaysian Busker Club and Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Culture.

The event which will be held at the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MATIC) on 30 August 2019 from 6pm – midnight.

Radhi OAG (pic) and talented Malaysia buskers would be entertaining the crowd. So mark your diaries, and look forward to a historic evening on the eve of Merdeka!

The Uniqueness of OneCALL

As it stands, OneCALL is a by-product of TFP’s collaboration with TuneTalk, which means users stand to enjoy Tune Talk’s mobile services such as approved voice, sms and/or data plan(s) together with various benefits such as Tune Talk Big Points, flight redemptions and travel promotions with AirAsia, reward programmes from Tune Talk’s partners, as well as personal insurance (Terms and conditions may apply to all these benefits).

Its eWallet capabilities, in turn would be a boost for plantation, construction, mining and manufacturing companies and even restaurants dependent on foreign labour. This is because, TFP is able to incorporate its human resources management (HRM) and payroll system with eWallet into OneCALL.

Such capabilities would prove priceless particularly to the “un-banked” population (people without bank accounts) throughout Malaysia.

According to TFP CEO Abdul Latib bin Tokimin, a big time Bob Dylan fan, the “un-banked” population holds great potential for this product to be extremely successful.

“From our estimates, some two million Malaysians, representing 8% of the country’s 24 million adults, do not have any bank account,” said Latib, adding that some 66% of foreign workers also do not have banking facilities.

“In addition, we estimate that there is an outflow of some RM20 billion worth or remittance via non-banking channels per year,” he added.

Fintech for Malaysia’s un-banked market


Latib further estimated that, from the market size perspective, there are nine million people living in rural areas and that 40% of Malaysia’s 32 million population falls within the B40 group.

On foreign workers, studies done by the Group indicated some 2 million Bangladeshis, a million Indonesians and 800,000 Nepalese currently residing throughout Malaysia.

Eventually, TFP would be able to incorporate its human resources management (HRM) and payroll system with eWallet into OneCALL.

“Our HRM and payroll solutions are already well-known for various functions such as scheduling of workers schedule, online leave system, claims management and issuing payroll statements,” he said. “By integrating OneCALL into our existing solutions, we aim to develop an e-wallet which will allow enterprises to directly deposit salaries to their employees’ e-wallets.”

TFP is also aiming to integrate OneCALL into its existing campus management systems.

“With OneCALL, students will also be able to make use of campus e-wallet to perform cashless payment for any on-campus purchase,” said Latib. “We have this vision of cashless schools and learning institutions eventually emerging throughout the country.”

To learn more about OneCALL, as mentioned earlier, head over to Malaysian Tourism Centre (MATIC) on 30 August 2019 from 6pm – midnight.

What’s more, you and your families will also be entertained by the amazing performances of the Malaysian Busker Club!

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