Alvin Chan, Country Manager of NSFOCUS Technologies Malaysia.

NSFOCUS to Deliver Potent Cybersecurity to SEA Region


Given that more and more companies are embracing technology as a business enabler to realise greater operational efficiencies, this trend has inevitably resulted in a progressive increase of cybersecurity breaches.

“Staying protected constantly and being ahead of cybercriminals is now more critical than ever,” said Alvin Chan, Country Manager of NSFOCUS Technologies Malaysia.

“As businesses are handling growing volumes of customer personal and financial data, and given the rising threat landscape, it’s no longer just the simple risk of a small financial loss. There is simply too much at stake. In this light, NSFOCUS is working hard to ensure our clients throughout Malaysia and the region remain safe at all times,” he added.

NSFOCUS is a global service provider and enterprise DDoS mitigation solution provider, with a proven track record of protecting 20% of the largest Fortune 500 companies, including most of the largest mobile providers and global financial institutions in the world.

“What we are able to bring to the table are ‘best practices’ from these Fortune 500 companies for the benefit of local and regional customers.”

“NSFOCUS protects four of the ten largest global telecommunications companies and four of the five largest global financial institutions,” shared Alvin.

“With our multi-tenant and distributed cloud security platform, NSFOCUS effectively moves security into the internet backbone by: operating wholly-owned scrubbing centres around the world, providing unparalleled and uncompromising protection and performance, and empowering our partners to provide better ‘security as a service’ in a smart and simple way.

“We are internationally renowned for delivering holistic, carrier-grade, hybrid DDoS and web security powered by industry leading threat intelligence,” he added.

According to its recently released 2020 DDoS Attack Landscape Report, between 2016 and 2020, the volume of DDoS attacks over 5G globally has increased, particularly in the small to medium-sized space.

“Given that Malaysia is about to move into the 5G phase, we foresee local companies being targeted by international criminals for quick profits.”

He added that the start of the Covid-19 pandemic also saw attacks steadily resume over the year.

“With Malaysia embracing 5G as the a result of the government’s MyDIGITAL initiative, local organisations should be mindful of such threats – and put in place the necessary defences before they occur,” said Alvin.

NSFOCUS Research stresses the need to leverage big data and artificial intelligence technologies to improve the development of cyberdefense technologies. Only then will the necessary defences be more readily available to mitigate potential business damage.

Alvin explained that cybersecurity value proposition comprises both On-Premises DDoS and Hybrid DDoS Defenses, while enabling providers to deliver Managed DDoS Services with a multi-tenant platform.

In addition, its NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence (NTI) Subscription Service provides customers with actionable intelligence that minimises risk and improves overall security posture.

“Up to 40% of the world’s cyber attacks originate from the North Asian region, and most of the Threat Intelligence Service Providers in the market lack visibility there. NSFOCUS addresses this effectively, as we are able to provide threat intel from this region and the rest of the world as well. If the customer already has an existing Threat Intelligence Provider, they can still subscribe to our NTI service as well and increase up to 40% visibility on new cyberthreats.”

He also explained that the NSFOCUS Web Vulnerability Scanning System (WVSS) helps ensure enterprises are equipped with the most comprehensive application-layer protection against web attacks.

“Meanwhile, the NSFOCUS Web Application Firewall (WAF) uses next generation technologies to provide comprehensive application layer security, eliminating these problems and completely protecting your critical web applications,” said Alvin.

“Our Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) also provides comprehensive threat protection that blocks intrusions, prevents breaches, and safeguards your valuable assets.”

“With more than 21 years of reliable industry experience, NSFOCUS now has more than 3,400 employees worldwide, of which 2,200 are R&D personnel. Each year, NSFOCUS invest 20% of its revenue to R&D. NSFOCUS China is headquartered in Beijing, its international business is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and it also has a production centre in the United States. The Asia-Pacific region is headquartered in Singapore, supporting the expansion of business in the Asia-Pacific region since 2008,” NSFOCUS Asia Pacific Managing Director Tim Tsung added.

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