LATTICE80 to launch UN SGD focused Blockchain Accelerator

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LATTICE80 is launching Blockchain Accelerator Programme to support United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). The Programme will be held in a new Fintech Hub recently opened in Hong Kong.

Joe Seunghyun Cho, Co-founder and Founding CEO of LATTICE80 commented, “We identify Blockchain as one of the key technologies to bring next generation innovation into the finance industry. Its impact in Asia will be much bigger than developed markets as there is a huge unbanked and underbanked population in Asia. We are excited to find and support startups with an amazing idea to make the world better place.”

We are partnering with several blockchain foundations and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Startups will get support from us to build blockchain based services on AWS cloud system.”

“KAYA Network is LATTICE80’s vision to connect Fintech Startups, Financial Institutions & Corporates, Government Institutions and the Public to build an ecosystem to create next-generation financial services. We are in support of global initiatives with social impact, especially with the UN SDGs. We will like to have more of female founders from emerging markets to join the programme ” said Marvelstone Group CEO, Gina Heng.

She added, “We have recently created KAYA Tokens and are in the process of creating 3 more tokens under different blockchain platforms. Startups will also have access to LATTICE80’s members and partners to collaborate through those platforms.”

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