JobStreet Enhances Brand to Help Fuel New Career Drives


Leading online employment portal JobStreet has unveiled a brand new logo and look to complement more user-friendly features to help Malaysians, particularly those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, land new careers.

Its country manager Gan Bock Herm said that JobStreet is evolving with the times in its aim to become a talent platform with the tools and resources needed for candidates to be ‘future-ready’.

“This aim is fuelled by our passion and purpose to elevate both candidates and hirers to the next level, particularly after the devastation caused by Covid-19,” said Gan.

Gan described the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic as a ‘frightening period’ but is seeing the economy recovering at a better than expected pace.

“Our studies indicate that there appears to be a positive outlook in hiring trends, with some 74% of employers expected to make new hires by the first quarter of 2021,” said Gan.

Gan explained that JobStreet’s ‘brand evolution’ initiative involved the company recalibrating the platform with the objective of matching aspiring candidates and employers with ‘jobs that matter’.

“JobStreet’s mission is to work with passion and purpose in line with our commitment to connect candidates and hirers with what matters to them most,” said Gan.

“More than just directing candidates to a position or a hirer, JobStreet serves as a platform that connects people not only to jobs where their skill set is needed but also where they can pursue a meaningful career.”

“Our brand’s evolution and enhancement to the platform’s features serve as testimony as to how JobStreet is undergoing a transformation to become even more customer-centric, more digital savvy, and more insights led,” said Gan.

As a partner to both candidates and hirers, JobStreet remains committed to its role in helping rebuild careers and the economy, while revamping the whole employment experience to be more dynamic and relevant. 

JobStreet aspires to be a ‘trusted career partner’ for Malaysians, and one which remains committed to innovation, evolution, and great customer value.

“Jobs are at the forefront of the economy, and JobStreet is a frontliner for economic recovery,” said Gan.

“Our purpose remains stronger and more relevant than ever – to improve lives through better careers,” he concluded.

Since its establishment in 1997, JobStreet has continued to evolve to more than just an online job platform.

JobStreet remains the number 1 talent sourcing partner in Asia with the greatest number of candidates, having 30 million candidates and over 570,000 hirers, an average of 15 million visits to their websites every month and over 600,000 job opportunities available at any given time.

JobStreet has also produced data-driven job reports vital during the onset of the pandemic, providing the public and private sectors with up-to-date employment statistics, inspirational support, and industry insights.

Visit their website for more news and updates from JobStreet.

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