Innovation Drives Ruckus and Fortesys in New Norm


Given the ‘new working norm’ as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for Ruckus’ various networking solutions has growing strongly throughout Malaysia.

The Ruckus brand is world renowned for innovative wired and wireless networking equipment and software. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and offers Wi-Fi, switching, cloud and software products to mobile carriers, broadband service providers, and corporate enterprises.

In Malaysia, its distributor is Fortesys Distribution Sdn Bhd whose mission is to provide the most cost-effective and complete network solutions to meet all customers’ business needs.

Ruckus had invented and patented various wireless voice, video, and data technologies, such as adaptive antenna arrays that extend signal range. Today, the company is renowned for its Wi-Fi branded products such as indoor and outdoor wireless access points and wireless controllers.

Among its local partners are Pentech Solution Sdn Bhd, NS Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd, Excel Commerce Solutions Sdn Bhd and Huacomm Telecommunications Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd.

Here are what some satisfied partners say:

NS Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd: “Ruckus AP performance is stable compared to others brand. It is our favourite brand to propose to customers because the switches have excellent performance and reliability. They are relatively easy to configure and maintain compared to other brands.”

Pentech Solution Sdn Bhd: “We had our first Commscope end-to-end solution deployment for a 4-Star hotel in Penang. With the advice and assistance from the Ruckus team, we designed and built a high performance and robust wired and wireless network using Commscope structured cabling with Ruckus AP and ICX switches. Our solution was endorsed by customer’s regional IT in Singapore, and the Ruckus team was also very supportive in addressing price challenge posted by competitors.

“The customer was happy with the project deployment as all issues were attended promptly by our project team, with support from Ruckus team at the backend. The project was handed over according to schedule, and customer is satisfied with the improved Wi-Fi and network coverage for both guest and internal network. We are proud that customer has made our setup the benchmark for other properties of the same group, both in Malaysia and other countries.”

Huacomm Telecommunications Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd: “Huacomm has been a partner with Ruckus for quite a number of years. Our experience in using the Ruckus support portal has been instrumental in helping us meet our business objectives. It offers multiple features that make it easier for users, and information is available for enquiry responses, such as support transactions via chat rather than phone, email, or ‘portal cases’.

“Ruckus speeds up the upgrade process while putting minimal pressure on our IT resources. We have implemented Ruckus at multiple hospitality facilities. To meet and keep guests, hotels must be able to deliver excellent network experiences. With Ruckus, the solutions bring our hotel networks up to higher levels. It’s simple to set up and deploy, and it’s simple to manage hundreds of access points. It also comes with comprehensive reporting.

“We get a better user experience by utilising Ruckus with ‘thumbs up’ from clients. Moreover, there’s absolute transparency when using Ruckus, with each client connecting instantly and staying connected as long as the signal is detected. We were able to experience seamless roaming and fast vulnerability patching due to firmware updates. This helps to safeguard organisations from potential security breaches and lowers the risk in within connected environments.”

Excel Commerce Solutions Sdn Bhd: “Our company started to promote Ruckus products since 2012. Usually, the first proposed brand for WIFI from us would be Ruckus. Reason being that Ruckus GUI is very user friendly coupled with the very stable and wide coverage. We had set up VSCG for the past 2 years to help our existing customer who wanted to use Ruckus AP but without the controller. By doing this, it helps our end-user to reduce cost while providing us a change to provide ‘value add’ services. Besides that, we find that Ruckus technology is east to manage and deploy. It is suitable for standalone AP deployment or cluster deployment as well. Last but not least, their support is very efficient with fast responses.”

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