InfoWatch sees double demand for Traffic Monitor in 2017


In 2017, InfoWatch Group saw 20% more implementations and a doubled demand for upgrades of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor, its DLP system protecting businesses against data leaks and internal threats.

“In 2017, we expanded our presence in both the domestic and key international markets by opening full service representative offices in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, as well as offices in Tyumen and Innopolis Special Economic Zone,” said Konstantin Levin, Sales Director, InfoWatch Group.

“By directly communicating with customers and actively cooperating with partners, we managed to expand our client base. At the same time, the interest of existing customers in DLP upgrades clearly demonstrates their trust in our products.”

In 2017, more than 90% of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor projects were implemented in nine industries. The share of manufacturing enterprises grew twofold (YoY), making them the main consumers of InfoWatch flagship solutions, with some 25% of all projects completed in this sector.

In addition to manufacturing enterprises, InfoWatch saw a growing number of DLP customers in finance, oil and gas, retail, construction, and IT sectors, with a dropping share of projects completed for government, energy, logistics, and transportation. In Malaysia InfoWatch Traffic Monitor projects are mostly implemented in the government agencies, banks and telecommunications

Konstantin Levin added that the customers more and more often opt for turnkey solutions tailored to their needs and business specifics, including further technical support. He emphasized that the company offers a wide range of turnkey services, from enterprise information security audit and consulting to PoC and commercial implementations in customer infrastructures, as well as continuous maintenance and support.

It should be noted that customer satisfaction with InfoWatch Technical Support exceeds 90%, which is one of the key performance metrics for technical support teams as per the global COPC Inc. standard.

In 2017, InfoWatch unveiled InfoWatch Traffic Monitor 6.9, the latest DLP version containing 20+ essential functionality updates, which contribute to better user experience at every lifecycle stage, from a proof of concept to full-scale implementation and investigations. Moreover, the company showcased its DLP version supporting Astra Linux Special Edition and designed to build secure automated systems.

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is a DLP solution protecting enterprises against data leaks and internal threats. InfoWatch Traffic Monitor reduces the company’s financial and reputational risks caused by leaks and mitigate the results of such leaks, prevents data leaks without interrupting business processes by preventing data from being sent via email, web services or social media, from being copied to USB flash drives, etc., controls employee operations in business apps, preventing retrieval of confidential data in digital or printed form, collects evidence for incidents investigation.

The new release tools improve DLP system efficiency when it comes to security policy creation, investigations, and cybersecurity team interaction with other business units.

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