HWG Cash Card Claims Security, Safety and Reliability


HWGG Capital has unveiled their latest payment service: the HWG CASH Card. The new offering from HWGG Capital represents the next major step for the company’s product expansion plans by providing the convenience to use digital assets as payment globally.

Issued together with partnering banks of UnionPay and VISA payment network, the HWG CASH Card is recognised and accepted internationally in over 200 countries and businesses across the globe. The new HWG CASH Card also takes advantage of both UnionPay’s and VISA’s extensive experience in payment authentication and security to safeguard the card’s stored value.

Another key benefit of HWG CASH Card is to allow its users to convert their digital assets for daily online, offline, and withdrawal transactions, making them as convenient as cash. Users can manage the prepaid card balance and check transaction activities on-the-go upon binding the card with HwgPay wallet. They can top up the prepaid card’s balance with HWG CASH stable token using the dashboard function on HwgPay wallet. Within 24 hours, any top-up amount will be updated to reflect the approved transaction and verification by both HWGG Capital and Partnering Bank.

Targeting both Traditional and New Generation Users

“We introduced HWG CASH Card as a facility in addition to our own digital asset – HWG CASH,” said Gavin Lim Chun Hoo, CEO of HWGG Capital. “By doing so, we are able to cater to both traditional and new generation users. Traditional users will be able to use HWG CASH to load their HWG CASH Card for everyday purchases at any UnionPay or VISA ready merchants around the world, while younger users tend to be familiar with mobile payment can spend HWG Cash through our HwgPay wallet app.”

Users can apply for a HWG CASH Card directly via HwgPay wallet and choose their preferred payment network of UnionPay or VISA for their prepaid card through the application. Upon approval, the prepaid card will be sent to the user’s doorstep via secure post within 7 working days. To date, HWGG Capital has received over 100 applications and enquiries for HWG CASH Card since the soft launch of the card on 10th June. Based on the current progress, the company anticipates a total of 5000 cards issuance by the end of 2019.

Safe, Secure, and Reliable

HWG CASH is Asia’s First Regulated Stable Cash Token issued by HWGG Capital, pegged to the US Dollar, and license under Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA). Users can start purchase HWG CASH and use it for transactions through HwgPay wallet, which is now available for download on Google Play Store and will be available on Apple Store in September this year.

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