Guidelines for IP Rights and Competition Law

Guidelines for IP Rights and Competition Law Launched by MyCC


YB Minister of Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail had launched the Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) Guidelines on Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law.

The objective of these guidelines is to address the potential issues which arise out of the complex interface between intellectual property rights and competition law. Through these guidelines, competition processes can be protected through the prevention of anti-competitive agreement and abuse of dominant position involving intellectual property rights.

“MyCC is always concerned with the benefits of the consumers and the interests of enterprises in Malaysia. We will not allow any party the opportunity to flout
competition law by engaging in anti-competitive practices,” said Iskandar Ismail, MyCC’s Chief Executive Officer.

These Guidelines focus on four (4) key areas: the interface between competition law and intellectual property rights; the relevant markets where intellectual property rights are concerned; the prohibitions under the Competition Act 2010; and the conflicting situations between intellectual property rights and competition law.

The general public and industry players may obtain the guidelines by accessing MyCC’s website at

About Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC)

Established in April 2011, MyCC is an independent body responsible for enforcing the Competition Act 2010, which was implemented to create healthy competition which would in turn stimulate productivity and innovation, thus creating wider choices of products for consumers with better quality and reasonable prices.

The Act applies to all commercial activities undertaken within and outside Malaysia that affect competition in the Malaysian market. It provides a regulatory framework including powers to investigate, adjudicate and impose penalties on the perpetrators of the competition laws. For more information on the Act and the MyCC’s activities, you can log on to

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