FPAM collaborates with GIFT10 for the O121FA effort.

FPAM Collaboration With GIFT10


FPAM is pleased to announce the collaboration with GIFT10 for the complimentary Online 1-1 Financial Advisory (“O121FA”) to GIFT10 beneficiaries.

GIFT10 is a charity crowdfunding program for the needy launched in April 2020. A non-profit, it is managed by a group of passionate volunteers under the helm of the Co-Founder, Datuk Paul Khoo to help deserving families and individuals undergoing financial crisis.

The pilot program is scheduled to begin from 1st September 2021 until 31st December 2021. FPAM has a total of 25 Licensed Financial Planners volunteers who are listed in SmartFinance to provide a 1-hour complimentary, product-free and financial advice to GIFT10 beneficiaries. The 1-hour financial advice fee is mutually agreed upon FPAM and LFPs which will be then shared equally.

“The collaboration is to ensure the money raised from GIFT10 is managed wisely by the GIFT10 beneficiaries”, said GIFT10 Co-Founder and Exco Member, Datuk Paul Khoo. FPAM President, Mr. Paul Low added that, “it will also demonstrate to financial planners that you can earn an income through fee-for-advice”.

GIFT10 and FPAM will evaluate the outcome at the end of the pilot program with the intention to scale up for the financial planning industry as a whole.

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