Covid-19: Network engineers among unsung heroes during MCO


While Malaysia is still undergoing the Movement Control Order (MCO) as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for internet connectivity has surged with the bulk of the population now confined to their homes.

The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX), an initiative under the Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the country’s only non-profit national internet exchange body operated by industry, recently stated that its network recorded unprecedented internet peaks during the MCO, and much higher than last year’s highest traffic peak point record of 500Gbps.

Telecommunication companies are also working round-the-clock to ensure continued uninterrupted internet connectivity.

In this light, we should all be appreciative to the network operations engineer community for their constant professionalism during this challenging period.

According to a telco source, the network operations engineer community is undergoing tremendous pressure and stress.

“There was a lot of anxiety especially at the onset of the MCO,” he said, adding that the relevant authorities had requested for the community to ensure that the internet runs smoothly and does not  go down due to high traffic.

“Frontliners in the health industry should be commended for their continued efforts to save lives. However, network operations engineers together with people working in field tech, call centres and delivery industries should also be commended for their tireless efforts during the MCO,” he added.

“The network operations engineer community, for example, work 24 x 7 so that others are able to work from home. They are also the ones that make social distancing and the MCO possible, starting from enabling VPN (virtual private networks) to remote video conferencing collaboration,” he further said.

“We are all striving hard to fulfil our obligations to the rakyat, coupled with additional customer requirements that may arise during this period.”

MyIX should also be commended for their hard work in ensuring that things continue to run smoothly.

“Since most internet service providers (ISPs) and content distribution networks (CDNs) are directly peered with MyIX with sufficient capacity, MyIX has reassured the public should not be experiencing any degradation of internet connectivity. I have worked closely with the MyIX team and am impressed with their commitment to ensuring normalcy for Malaysian households during this MCO,” said the telco executive.

He ended by saying that the telecommunications industry in Malaysia has come together in solidarity to ensure that the nation stays connected.

“May the little that we do make a difference to the lives of many as we persevere to overcome this pandemic,” he concluded.