Children with Special Needs showcase their Musical Abilities at ‘One-Two-Star’ Talent Show


Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB), in collaboration with Milestone Productions, recently hosted the “One-Two-Star” Talent Show at Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur when various children with special needs performed songs inspired from the movies.

The talent show was an effort to further build confidence levels of these children, while showcasing their unique musical abilities that the world at large rarely get to see.

It also formed part of SDB’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative after the success of the “One-Two-Juice” (a juice bar), “One-Two-Wash” (a car wash initiative) and “One-Two-Gift” (a soap-making project) programmes run by various special needs children.

Prior to the event, a workshop was held for all participants at Hotel Maya when coaches Dominic Lau and Joshua Gui provided these children with constructive feedback and encouragement.

SDB group managing director Teh Lip Kim said that the purpose of the Talent Show was a way of educating the public about the hidden musical talents of these children.

“It is a rare honour and privilege for all of us to come up here as a family to show our support for all these special children and their families,” she said, in the company of her husband and two sons.

“As a mother of a special needs child, I fully understand just how challenging the journey can be for these children,” she shared. “That said, it’s an extremely fulfilling journey for both parents and children in discovering the true meaning of unconditional love, courage and resilience.”

At the event, participants ranged from 10 to 22 years old, with every individual having gone through music therapy and lessons involving singing, and playing musical instruments like piano, violin and drums.

After each performance, judges Sharizan Borhan and Lee Kok Leong gave their comments, similar to a talent-show style.

Later, all 14 participants gathered for a finale performance singing to “We Will Rock You” to huge applause from the audience comprising participating families, non-governmental organisations and members of the public.

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