Cadbury Dairy Milk Celebrates The Goodness of Everyone


If there’s one thing that knows no boundaries even in the most difficult of times, it’s Generosity. It’s the very instinct to share goodness with those around you, in the selfless hope of genuinely improving another person’s life and Cadbury Dairy Milk believes “There’s Goodness In Everyone”.

As a nation once recognised amongst the top 10 most generous people in the world, Cadbury Dairy Milk aims to commemorate the generosity of Malaysians through a local campaign titled #SaluteTheGoodness. The social media movement is part of Cadbury’s efforts to spotlight everyday acts of generosity carried out by everyday people by having individuals share their personal generosity stories and experiences with the hashtags #SaluteTheGoodness and #GoodnessInEveryone.

In addition to the #SaluteTheGoodness campaign, the confectionery brand aims to further establish Cadbury Dairy Milk in Malaysia as a brand that inspires a little more benevolence in the world through an inspiring commercial titled “Mum’s Birthday”. The video tells the story of a kind young girl wanting to buy a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk for her mum’s birthday using trinkets she has with her, such as a button, unicorn and bracelet, which the shopkeeper warmly accepts. This story sheds light on the generosity of both the little girl and the shopkeeper and highlights that there is indeed goodness in everyone.

Vikram Karwal, Associate Director, Marketing Chocolates SEA, Mondelez International says, “Cadbury Dairy Milk stands for Generosity by creating the special bonding of people. It seems fitting that we’re launching the #SaluteTheGoodness campaign to reflect this founding principle of generosity and authenticity at such a challenging time. It is also a reflection of our commitment to create snacks that consumers can feel good about, produced by makers and bakers who care, with ingredients that are sourced sustainably, and which speak to their appetite for authentic and natural products.”

For more information on Cadbury Dairy Milk’s #SaluteTheGoodness campaign and refreshed packaging, check out the Facebook page at To learn more about the efforts of Cocoa Life, please visit their website at

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