The largest substation houses 2 units of transformers originating from China that are intended to power the RM8.5 billion manufacturing facility.

AT&S Installs The Largest Substation In Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah


AT&S Malaysia welcomes the delivery of two (2) units of 132KV transformers that weigh 160 tons each in its plant at Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah.

Originating from China, the transformers have the capacity of generating 80MVA each and consequently are capable to power the full Phase 1 of AT&S Malaysia greenfield project, comprising of two (2) key production plants, seven (7) annexure buildings, one (1) administrative building and one (1) warehouse.

Remarkably, they would make the substation in the Kulim site by far the largest in AT&S plants worldwide and in Kulim Hi-Tech Park for the highest voltage and largest capacity they carry. At the full production capacity, the substation is capable to supply a total power of 600 Gigawatt hours per annum which is equivalent to the annual power consumption of 150,000 households.

The 132KV oil-immersed transformers in AT&S Malaysia plant would deliver reliability, heat resistance and mechanical strength. In fact, the winding or coil of the transformer adopts a new interleaved structure that would reduce short circuit harmonic loss and noise, as well as improve short circuit and impulse voltage withstand capability. With the advantages, they should contribute to energy and cost efficiencies for the plant and support AT&S to achieve its overall Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) goal.

AT&S Malaysia Technical Project Director, Markus Sterba, expressed his excitement, “The delivery of 132KV transformers in AT&S Kulim Site is one of the most remarkable milestones that is worth celebrating. We have successfully overcome the logistical challenges of bringing the 2 units of 160 tons transformers from China to Kulim site on time. The timely delivery has met the overall schedule for a fast track project.”

The transformers are slated for commissioning in January 2023 and that would fully support the project schedule and the subsequent key milestones of equipment move-in and product qualification for its serial production by end of 2024.

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