SAP Live Link 365 Simplifies Communication and Connectivity


SAP recently announced that the SAP Live Link 365 mobile service, a programmable communication service, is live with customers in Europe, Australia, the Asia Pacific region and North America.

The simplified programmable digital interface (PDI) of SAP Live Link 365 allows developers and business professionals to use the interconnect services provided by the SAP Digital Interconnect group. These interconnect services enable them to incorporate messaging, authentication and e-mail functionality into their applications to connect to consumers around the world.

Using RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) and code samples, SAP Live Link 365 provides a full toolkit to help customers access interconnectivity features that can go live in minutes.

“As requirements for digital businesses evolve, developers are looking for a single programmable digital interface to connect their applications and business systems to their end users,” said Vaibhav Vohra, vice president and head, Product Management, SAP Digital Interconnect, SAP. “With SAP Live Link 365, we have provided an intuitive and supportive ecosystem that truly simplifies and streamlines connectivity to empower enterprises with intelligent multichannel capabilities that work across business needs and industry verticals.”

In addition to improving application innovation, SAP Link Live 365 provides benefits such as:

  • Reduced time to value: Easy-to-access resources, comprehensive enablement tools and intelligent notification services – including SMS, e-mail and authentication – accelerate development lifecycles.
  • Improved productivity for developers: Quick-start guides, interactive documentation and sample projects showcase various uses of messaging to help customers realize the potential of the APIs.
  • Enhanced global reach: The powerful global messaging network of SAP Digital Interconnect allows customer solutions to reach across the world.

Developer tools, interactive documentation and application keys enable businesses – including SAP companies, for example, Gigya – to add communication capabilities, such as logistics notifications, utility reminders and other multichannel functions. SAP Live Link 365 allows customers to scale solutions across countries and add communication channels based on regionally specific consumer preferences.

“SAP Live Link 365 provided a fast, intuitive way to integrate text messaging into our solution,” said Johan Jobér, CTO, Netmore, a new Swedish phone operator that offers customers local cell coverage and tailored Web site applications and solutions. “The easy-to-use RESTful APIs, developer portal and secure authentication method simplified the building process for our developers. And with the years of messaging experience that SAP Digital Interconnect has, we didn’t have to worry about reliability, number portability or international routing. We know that as we build new applications and solutions, we can rely on SAP Live Link 365 and SAP Digital Interconnect for our SMS needs.”

SAP also recently announced that the SAP IoT Connect 365 mobile service, an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity cloud-based service for operators and enterprises from SAP, now includes a newly launched narrowband capability. Businesses can now address scalability challenges early on to ensure their devices will automatically and reliably connect to mobile networks through a single, secure connection.

The interconnect and messaging services from SAP reach nearly 99 percent of global mobile subscribers in more than 200 countries and territories.

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