Ganesh Kumar Bangah

PIKOM chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah: “Cybersecurity is clearly a big concern given the growing role of the digital economy and its rising contributions to the overall ICT industry and economy.”

The New Straits Times ran an insightful report today about how various organisations throughout Malaysia – and the world – are backing the Paris Call for Trust & Security in Cyberspace (Paris Call).

The Paris Call is an initiative to bring various countries together to counter the threat of cyberwarfare. It was launched late last year by French President Emmanuel Macron with the intention of bringing together countries and supporters from across the world on a consensus statement relating to growing concerns about cyber threats.

“The Paris Call outlines voluntary cybersecurity principles to achieve this goal, and is backed by one of the world’s largest ever multi-stakeholder group assembled in support of a cybersecurity focused document,” said Microsoft’s legal, government and corporate affairs director (ASEAN and new markets) Dr Jasmine Begum.

She added that supporters comprise countries, companies and civil society organisations throughout the world.

In Malaysia, organisations that have supported this cause include the National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM), CIMB, Bower Group Malaysia, Kolej Profesional Baitulmal Kuala Lumpur (under Majlis Agama Islam) and leading cybersecurity group, LGMS-Asia Cybersecurity Exchange.

PIKOM chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah said that, while perception around cyber threats and cybersecurity has increased, there is a growing need to address the issues surrounding new technologies that are expected to arrive en masse in the near future, especially with the introduction of 5G.

“Cybersecurity is clearly a big concern given the growing role of the digital economy and its rising contributions to the overall ICT industry and economy,” he said, adding that cyberattacks do not discriminate between organisation, business sizes or individuals.

Dr Jasmine concluded that success in advancing cybersecurity requires an approach that is not only multinational, but multi-stakeholder in nature.

“In this light, the Paris Call is an important step on the path toward digital peace, creating a stronger foundation for progress ahead,” she said.

“It is an important step towards peace and security within today’s digital economy especially in protecting citizens, elections and the internet.”

Business Circle KL has also learnt that Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) is also backing this international initiative.

One of MDEC’s priorities is to “craft the nation’s cybersecurity future”.

On its website, MDEC states: “In order to meet the ever-growing demand of cybersecurity solutions, we have built collaborations between industry and the government to provide cybersecurity startups with access to technical mentoring, business support and advice. By supporting them, they’ll be able to help grow Malaysia’s cybersecurity industry to new heights.”

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