Pezzo Growing in Popularity Amongst Malaysians


Some time ago, amidst the mass production of longstanding names in the Pizza business emerged a new name, Pezzo Pizza. Today, the brand has gained the acceptance of the public and Pezze Pizza is firmly on the rise. Located in nine countries around the globe, Pezzo Pizza can be found in both East as well as West Malaysia.

Self-acclaimed to have been inspired by the amusement and happiness experienced during carnival fun fairs, Pezzo Pizza aims to bring that same bright atmosphere into people’s lives. The brand runs synonymous with characters that are warm, friendly and passionate. What’s different about Pezzo, you may ask? Well, for starters, it offers not just whole pizzas but also sells them by the slice. Offerings are divides into their Carnival and Gala series of flavours, each tastier than the next.

Join with a Carnival or Grab a Gala

Pezzo’s Hola Hawaiian Pizza

Have a blast with delightful bursts of flavour in the Carnival series of Pizzas. Choose from BBQ Bonanza, Big Daddy, Cheesy Cheese, Hola Hawaiian, Pepperoni Party or Very Veggie. Aside from cool names, Pezzo also offers a unique topping of Turkey Ham.

For those looking for an extra ‘umph’ in their pizza, Gala Pizzas come in a choice of Chicken Delight, Meat Munchers or Supremo. All pizzas are liberally topped to ensure awesome flavour in every bite.

“Pezzo is great and each bite is literally bursting with flavour. There’s also such a good spread of choices that it doesn’t feel overwhelming, even while offering almost everything under the sun,” says satisfied customer C. Sim of Petaling Jaya.

Fast Growing Franchise

With the backing of such a solid menu and the support of customers like Sim, it’s no wonder that Pezzo has been doing a robust franchising business. The brand continues to explode across the landscape in a carnival atmosphere, much like the name of one of its famed Pizza series.

On that tangent, it won’t be surprising if we were to eventually be seeing a Pezzo on every street corner here sooner or later.

Pezzo’s extremely popular outlet in 1Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya

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